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After living in China for over 10 years and conducting extensive research on international education, as a researcher, I have discovered that some international schools face barriers when attempting to blend different cultures toward mutual student outcomes. Global-Ed Consulting and Educational Resources has developed a distinct opportunity that will enhance specific academic training to prepare your students for academic global readiness training. 



Global-Ed Consulting and Educational Resources have several campuses that have chosen to partner with our endeavor to provide a 20-day comprehensive academic leadership program. This unique program will allow your students to engage in state-of-the-art learning opportunities at public universities in America. 



In an exclusive effort based on strategic educational philosophies, Global-Ed Consulting and Educational Resources have prepared a program with experienced international faculty to work cooperatively toward instilling a theory to practice, creating opportunities for students to use their knowledge in hands-on projects of “learning by doing.”

The Goal


The goal of the proposal is to invite students to live and learn true Western education as offered in a variety of degree disciplines offered at the university in their fields of interest.

The American College-Prep Training Course


College of Agriculture 

College of Business Administration 

College of Education & Integrative Studies 

College of Engineering 

College of Environmental Design 

College of Hospitality Management 

College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences 

College of Science 

The Terms


The basic terms of this proposal will involve selecting 15 to 20 compatible students that demonstrate eagerness, academic aptitude, leadership initiative, and thrust for knowledge to participate in an educational global exchange experience of a lifetime. 

The American College-Prep Training Course will be offered regularly, to conclude with a two-week internship. Upon the completion of the American College-Prep Training Course, each student will attend a formal graduation ceremony. 

About the Tours

The Opportunity


This opportunity has wonderful potential for international students!

The Benefits


The benefits will be long-lasting for each student!

International Exposure


Furthermore, to enhance the student’s international exposure!

US Tour Costs


Passport cost (20-day minimum)

Bank Visa costs & fee (B2 travel Visa)

Visa Application cost

Pick-up your American Invitation Letter

Visa Interview 

Train to Beijing Embassy for your Visa

Beijing Embassy for your Visa

Letter needed from your current 

School or university (must include official stamp and   start date of your next class)



U.S. Tour housing & cost 

U.S. Food cost Breakfast 

U.S. Food cost Lunch 

U.S. Food cost Dinner 



U.S. Ground Transportation 

Visit 4 universities campus

Airfare cost (International)

Base Airfare cost (USA) 




Ticketing fee

$______Total cost student

International Educational Consulting



Provides educational services to universities, students, and parents by offering stakeholders within objective assessment information and support. Many times, educational stakeholders and students become overwhelmed with the amount of data, and educational decision factors determine educational outcomes. This program provides proper communication for individuals seeking knowledge on higher education needed for the 21st century by providing the first-hand experience of educational options to complex process.

• Stays current on changes in the educational system

• Explores best practices and placement options for students

• Recommends options for selecting degree possibilities

• Coordinates with educators to bridge learning opportunities for international students

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Professional Development Association of China


International Educational and Educational Leadership

Global-Ed provides a broad sense of pertinent information on international leadership and K-12 and higher educational, professional development. Our team provides universities with a platform for information on the educational system based on empirical research on international education. The professional lectures topics include: 

• An Overview of the Higher Education System in the United States 

• 21st-century skills for training and inquiry-based learning

• Innovation in teaching and learning 

• Collaboration/co-teaching in the classroom

• Instructional strategies to encourage critical thinking in writing 

• Teaching English for specific purposes: principles foundation and strategies

• Principles for teaching English 

• Methods for teaching vocabulary 

• Motivating others

• Classroom behavior 

• Developing a new skill set within the diverse classroom for international instructors

• Leadership

• Overcoming barriers

• Team-building

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