The American Dream - Study Aboard


Higher Education Planning Workshop

American College-Prep Training Course

It is estimated that by 2030, The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) will have 200 million college graduates engaged in global competition for employment. For that reason, it is crucial for educational systems to prepare its students for global opportunities that become available within multinational companies. One such proposal is to invite your students to participate in the American College-Prep Training Course program.

The Program

Step 1: Student/Parent Readiness Workshops


While participating, students and parents learn how to navigate through the higher education process to study aboard. During the workshops, students will collaborate with team administrators, to create and support a successful plan for educational and social development to study aboard in America. 

Step 2: Practical Life/Living Skills Workshop


Within this workshop, students are trained to develop skills, organization, and structure that will empower them to live successfully within the American cultural.

Step 3: Career Planning and Coaching


During this workshop, students discover how to prepare for future employment career options within the global competitive job market. Students and parents will feel confident to discover career alternatives and opportunity available.

Step 4: High-Ed Achievers University Travel Tour


Tour four different university campuses to experience the cultural diversity and lifestyle of a variety of college, university campuses, and cities.

Step 5: Middle, High School, or University Evaluation Debrief and College Selection


Upon return, individuals from the High-Ed Achievers group will begin the application process of four selected universities.

Step 6: Study Aboard Paperwork Process


Students connect with agents for testing, registration and university process.